Sunday, May 21, 2006


who believes? who believes in me?
another lie crosses out my mouth as what you said
another mistake made, another tragedy started
would you believe? would you believe in me?

but another uncompromised and biassed judgement
following me over, through my blood and soul
depressant reaction, i feel injectedbroken and falling from hell, to be deeper

listen, listen to their tales
grasping my salvation, raping my freedom
taking my life, just leave my innoncence
i never lived a lie, never sold a soul

amazing how they preach their teachings to everyone
flaming words from their sharp tounge
wounded, blistered and scabbed me
felt so little, so wrong, but so unsatisfied

no one has actually called upon, and have been answered
no one has the knowledge, the facts
no one knows what is beyond the reason, imagination and judgement
no one knows! please dont claim that you do!

wont you see? it wont be clear until
you open your mind to what other has in thought
others have better logic, unbiassed reason and theories
your shield of lies wont protect you

what are you going to do, when your pillar collapse?
what are you going to do, when your followers turn around
to hear what i have to say, to believe me in another way
heaven knows what i could say, if the people would stay

you're the only one that can claim yourself
suggesting, no, commanding that you are right!
you are the way to the gate, the way to the light
yet your sight... blurry, unfocused and dimmed

who could deny, thoughts had crossed us all
slicing inside your head, opening up your mind

its difficult to see what you have in sight
please forgive this short passage
to disturb, to wake you up
not to influence, but to make you think

Saturday, May 20, 2006


i would try and close my eyes
i would try to turn around
i would try just not to listen to what you say
but why...
but why...

trying to keep my self aquainted
to my own self and not to be left
behind and to be wished away
im in a fine line, awake but unconcious
(but why?)

you're the one who holds
a piece of my mind
you dim my eyes from blinding light
thoughtful acts of foolishness you create
(but why?)

classic tragic, divine and comedy
your sound pollutes my ear
your sight disturbs me
your existance disgust me
(but i am hopelessly trapped)

but why...
but why...
but why do you kill you'r own self?
but why do you change not for the best?
but why do you grasp hypocrisy around you?
but why do you pray to a god who you defy?

but why?but why?but why?

Friday, May 19, 2006


stay with me for a little longer
i'll be able to give you what you want
don't listen to them, saying that i am wrong
i am right and you know that in your heart

dont fool yourself and tell me that you dont
need me anymore in your life
i've been here before you even knew it
and i'll be here even if you dont want

step away from the line, my dear
they dont know what is good for you
i know what is good for you
i am what you need to live

just stay with me a little longer my dear friend
stay with me forever, as long as you live
stay with me and ill show you how to be happy
stay with me and ill show you whats right

don't mind the signs before you
they have been set there to fool your eyes
don't mind the whispers telling everyone
that i am just a foolish delight

just stay and be merry by my side
i'll give you wings so you can fly
soar the clouds upon the heavens and die
die, and be happily rested...

Friday, May 12, 2006


ignorance defeats the knowledge for truth
apparently deciding with the congregation

created by a thought of many people
slowly openning up for possiblities
crazy shouts to some with different opinion
slowly moving down to hypocrisy

dare to be as one of those who stray
prepare to hear the words without mercy
cramming upon to reach your shoulder and pull you
shouting, come down and think as we do

step on their heads and ignore what they say
stand up above the crowd and prepare to speak
raise your fist to start a revolution
its time to fight, be different and bright


fool yourself, let your eyes decieve you
escape for one moment from reality
act as if nothing is bothering you
just smile and look up to listen to me

nothing is real when you dont believe
nothing will hurt you, anymore
nothing is right if you dont concieve
what you want, what you adore

do not cry, tears are useless
look up and smile to everyone
nothings wrong, its all none-sense
just close your eyes and dont mind the guns

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


guess how bored i was...


I got pretty bored today.

And this is the effect of it...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


why is this world ran by a system
system that swallows us whole
why do we greave for the better
instead of staying as a simple soul

why do we die to end the pain
is this the real thing in vain
why dont we try to win the game
is it too hard to remove the stain

but today i am hopeless
to a world full of hypocrites
i try to to extinguish
i try to stay away from dis

if i die will i feel the pain
if i cry will i be the same
what you see is the endless game
but if your smart you'll face the rain

still in my recollection
trying to forget the indecision
to live is a bigger curse

Saturday, March 11, 2006


i am a sinner
with no forgiveness
i am a stoner
with no rehab
i do no justice
i do no crime
i search for a solace
solace piece that's mine

judge me, hate me, arrest me
forgiveness, salvation... maybe
in my eyes i see all around
truth unfolds, and waits to be found

nothing's left inside
hollow fills the empitiness
reaching and grasping
breathing for every sin

weather im here, there
everywhere or elsewhere
my thoughts hunt me down
beats me down on the ground
you see me, help if you can
save me from myself
break me down or build me up
or just leave me alone to rott

Sunday, February 26, 2006


So now that you know
I am vulrenable
To everything you'll ever say or throw
Yet I am too weak and too blind in my soul

I didn't ask for this
But it came upon me
I just want to please
Give what's right for me

And now I bear it to you
I can't expect anything at all
But my heart remains true
I just don't wish this to fall

Friday, February 24, 2006


Maybe that is my problem, i hate too much nowadays.....

Saturday, February 18, 2006


I'd bear witness for this myth unforgotten
On which the highest of peaks look down upon
Voices echoe for just one sudden
And yet staying on what is considered grand

So sloth-like upon staring bluntly
Inside denying amusement, horrified
Its a metaphor to see infinity
Only in actions can glory be fortified

Difficult not see mre behind
Eyes of what reason... of fiction or fact
But I have simply became so blind
wether to avoid or to act...


Silent intuition on what I have become
Looking upon destiny opening up
Twisted fate of life's journey to some
But do you really wish for this to stop?

my thinking beyond reason, without emotion
Led me astray from this path
Yet righteus or wrong, be sanctioned
Feed me the strong and heavy wrath

I prove to myself and for all to see
Some things just don't come around
Mistaking for someone, but not to be
Justified by the fact abound

Wrong am I to say what i desire
Or to stop me is a deeper sin?
Let go from my feelings to retire
it wont be so wrong or so clean...

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Drugged on emotions
But not so addictive this time
Frozen and without emotion
Will this be considered a crime

Better lock me up and leave
Greaving nothing at all
Merciless and blind to decieve
I can not see what i have to call

Petrified in the corner of a room
Escaping what hurts the most
But planning to come out soon
Just ignore me like a ghost

In my sleep I found my place
Outside of reality and far from anyone
Just to wish to hold this grace
Before i know it, its all gone

So what now, do i just stand before you
Acting like a foolish delight
Creating fraud for attention just to
Bring me back into this romnace in fight


People tend to adjust to whatever their environment throws at them. How difficult or easy things may be, we adjust to it. Like in weather, food, timezones, and most importantly... to other people. But uniqueness of people is very dominant. No two humans are alike in all ways. That is understandable, because we have our own identities and we also have our own way of thinking. But sometimes, people tend to dispalay hypocrisy. Pretending to be clean even though they are not. They judge other people without mercy. They tend to see all the faults in others, but never in themselves. They also tend to be so annoying, without them even knowing.

For over two thousand years now, we have developed a good way on adapting to nature. We came up with thick jackets and coats to cold weathers. We developed different kinds of cooking for our food. But we never had the solution about other people's judgemental characteristic. We never even talk about it too often to avoid others reacting. It is a very big problem in our society since the dawn of time.

Hypocrisy is a word that means someone who is feigning to be what they are not. For example, people pretending to be perfect, and we all know no one is. These kind of people are everywhere, we see them at home, in the streets, on tv, in short... they are in large numbers.

I have known some of these people in my life. They are very close to me, in fact. Annoyed, pissed off and very depressed by their actions, I just leave them alone to what they do best. Critisize. They see all the faults of others but not their own. THEY WANT EVERYONE TO THINK LIKE THEM. So stupid sometimes that they even end up against each other... and guess what.... its an all out war.

Being stuck in all of this, I tried at first to just not mind them. But with loud voice and explicit words, who wouldn't notice such hopocrisy? Now, I just try to avoid them.

I do not say that I am so clean and so pure. I know I am not. But to bluntly watch others critisize, judge and curse others... thats just plain sick.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


This will be a blog which contains hate, disgust, anger and much more of the negative side.

Please be advised that as the author of this blog, I wont be considiring the fact that you, the viewer, will be reading along on what I will be posting.

I will not force you to continue on reading, it is your choice.